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Futon Cover Advice

Buying futon covers can be a difficult task. Not only do you need to select a fabric that is comfortable, but you also need to select a color that will combine nicely with your home’s interior design color choices. Below you'll find some futon cover advice to help make your shopping easier:


Futon Cover Advice: Quality Counts


When it comes to buying futon covers, always choose covers that are high quality. Not all of the futon covers that appear the same are made with fabric of the same high quality, and you will find that the stitching used for the futon cover also affects the quality of the cover. Find covers that have a high thread count and are made with high quality cotton. The best stitching is done with 5-thread and at 12 stitches per inch or more, as that will ensure that the stitching won’t open or fray. Also, make sure that the zipper you buy is quality, as the poor quality zippers may end up chewing up the fabric if it gets caught between the teeth.


Futon Cover Advice: Choose Fabric Carefully


Choosing the right fabric for your futon cover is important. The fabric you select will have a lot to do with your preferences, as there are a number of fabrics used. Ultra-Suede and Microfibers tend to be incredibly soft to the touch, but they may not be able to bear up under the relentless assault of your kids jumping on them or your dog climbing up onto the futon. Cotton is a simple fabric that is generally used in nearly every household, but those who need incredibly sturdy futon covers may find that denim or leather may even be a good option.


Futon Cover Advice: Pattern Matching


Shopping for a good pattern for a futon cover is essential, and you want to be certain to match the pattern to the interior décor of your walls. If your walls are covered with wallpaper that has designs or decorations, you will likely want to keep the futon cover pattern as simple as possible. However, if your room is painting in a minimalist style, you may find that a simple, squared futon pattern is exactly what you need to complete the room’s décor. Select your futon cover according to the décor of your room, as color and pattern both will play a large role in the success of your matching the futon to the décor.


Futon Cover Advice: Size Does Matter


One of the most essential things to keep in mind when shopping around for a futon cover is to find the cover that will be the right size for your bed. If your futon cover is made for a single, then it will be far too small to cover a double, queen, or king sized bed. On the flip side, you will find that a king sized futon cover is far too large to cover even a double bed, and the sides of the futon cover will drag on the floor and thus be ruined. Make sure to measure your bed before going shopping to ensure that you get the right size futon cover.


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