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Futon Cover Color Selection Tips

Being careful when choosing the best colors for your interior décor is essential. Seeing as you want to choose interior design colors that will match your futon cover, your bed frame, and the overall color scheme of your furniture, it is essential that you keep in mind how each color interacts or clashes with each other. There are a number of interior design color choices that you can choose from, here's an overview of how some colors interact with others:


Blue is a color that relaxes your eyes and simply enhances the relaxed feel of any room. Bedrooms are usually best when painted a shade of blue, but remember that the futon cover will need to be blue, white, black, or grey for it to interact well with the blue paint. Choosing a blue color for your walls will be a great way to make your home much more tranquil, as blue is a color to relax and soothe.


Red is the color that will increase your energy levels, make you feel more vibrant, and give you all around more life and energy. However, red in the bedroom can actually be bad unless it is a deep red, as the red can cause insomnia and sleep problems. Red futon covers may be too bright to match with the walls, but grey, beige, black, white, and a dark maroon or brown futon cover may make red walls a good idea.


Yellow is the color of happiness, but it can be hard to match yellow walls with nearly any futon cover. White futon covers with yellow trim are acceptable, but you don’t want to make your room too bright by adding too much yellow that can strain your eyes. A soft, earthy shade of yellow can be one of the best interior design color choices, but make sure the yellow has plenty of red in it to tone it down.


Green is a natural color that can combine well with a number of different colors, though a brown or white futon cover will be the best combination for your green walls. You can use pale green, strong green, olive green, or even a natural green to make your home feel much more natural and relaxed, and green can actually be one of the best interior design color choices for your dining room due to fact that green promotes a healthy appetite and digestion.


Orange is a color that is hard to work with, as it is almost too bright. A tangerine color of walls will combine with a light red or dark orange futon cover.


Purple is a unique color that will make your home look much more futuristic, but it will match best with a futon cover of a light color. It is fairly relaxing as far as colors go, but it almost imparts a holistic look to your home.


White is probably the best of the interior design color choices, thanks to the fact that combines nicely with nearly any color. You will find that most futon cover colors will work nicely with your white walls.


Black is not the best choice for your walls, but you will find that using black for the furniture and accessories in your room will complement most light interior design color choices nicely.


We hope you've found these color tips useful!