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Futon Cover Fabrics

A futon is one of the most important pieces of bedding that you can purchase for your house, as the thick blankets provide both comfort when on top and warmth when tucked securely beneath. When using a futon, it is essential to use a futon cover, as a cover will ensure that your futon lasts as long as possible. One thing to keep in mind is that there are a number of futon cover fabrics to choose from, fabrics that you will need to choose according to your use of the futon.


Leather Futon Covers


Leather is the most durable of the futon cover fabrics, and it is also one of the most expensive. Genuine leather is one of the best fabrics to keep your body heat trapped beneath the futon cover, and it will be worth it to purchase one of these covers if you live in a particularly cold place. However, genuine leather requires specialized care and attention that will make it quite costly to keep clean, and you will find that using a leather futon cover in warm weather will make you sweat like nothing else can.


Denim Futon Covers


Denim is the material used to make jeans, and is one of the less commonly used futon cover fabrics due to the fact that it is so heavy. It is fairly comfortable, and it will provide excellent protection from the cold around you. This fabric is incredibly durable, and will hold up well under the abuse resulting from kids or pets walking on the futon. Denim is fairly easy to keep clean, and can easily be washed using a household washer/dryer. If you have kids, denim futon covers are an option to consider.


Microfiber Futon Covers


Microfiber is a synthetic material that is excellent for keeping the futon stain free, and, as far as futon cover fabrics go, is one of the most comfortable of the fabrics due to the fact that the filaments and threads used to make the covers are unbroken. Liquid stains are easily repelled by the microfiber futon covers, and they also feel incredibly soft on your skin. The downside to microfiber futon covers is that they tend to collect dust fairly easily, and they will get dirty much more quickly than most other fabrics.


Suede Futon Covers


Suede is a material that feels incredibly fluffy and soft to the touch. This is one of the best of the futon cover fabrics due to the fact that it is so comfortable, and its unique texture makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. However, that unquiet texture is also its main drawback, as the plush fabric is known for gathering dust and environmental particles. Suede needs to be washed regularly in order to keep it clean, but it is easily washed without needing any special care.


Cotton Futon Covers


Cotton is the most commonly used of the futon cover fabrics, due largely to the fact that cotton is incredibly easy to find and tends to be fairly cheap. The material is fairly durable, and you will find that it is much softer than leather or denim. It is much less likely to gather dirt than suede and microfiber, and it is easy to clean. Cotton futon covers are easy to maintain and keep clean, and they are usually the cheapest as well.


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